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Bitumen Price Calculator

Abidjan Cost Unit
Destination Port SEND ENQUIRY $/MT
Bitumen 435 $/MT
Total = 435 $/MT


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    The beginning of the modern bitumen industry can be attributed to (the year ) 1712 A.D.In which natural bitumen rocks were discovered in France. In that time , they were simply distributing the bituminous materials as clods on the surface of local roads and letting the traffic gradually pulverize and compact them. This technique was perfectly successful and in a short time, some enhancements were achieved in the form of powdering and heating of the materials prior to use. Then, they compact and harden asphalts via powdering and flattening using hot iron. This material which was commonly referred as “ Compressed Rock Asphalts” were used very successfully in European streets and this trend was gradually continued so that nowadays, with science and technology enhancements , bitumen has provided vast and divers e applications in different industries and is employed for different purposes such as road constructions, floor and roof coating, underground pipes , metal protectors, sealing of storage , canals, bridges, stabilization of flowing sands.basic standard experiments.  

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