Metal components in bitumen, tar elemental analysis

In 1930, it became clear Bitumen is a metal porphyrins, metal and porphyrin a combination of metals such as iron, copper, silver and magnesium porphyrins and porphyrin and ... with a heterocyclic compound with four pyrrole rings that were placed square-shaped structure analytical work the presence of iron and vanadium confirmed on the pitch. The figure below shows the structure of metal and porphyrins:


The remaining ash from burning fuel oil by ultraviolet radiation has been tested and it has been determined in the presence of the following elements:


Basically, non-volatile compounds or elements heavier than some pollutants such as mineral oil, probably in colloidal form and as salts such as carboxylic acids, transition metal compounds and compounds of porphyrins found. An elemental analysis of bitumen from various sources in the table below:

elemental analysis of bitumen

Most metals found in fuel oil or fuel contains sodium, vanadium, iron, nickel and chromium, there are more sodium chloride. More vanadium and nickel in the form of porphyrin there are also a large number of different molecules and structure-ring isomers are present depending on the alternative. Fuel oil and bitumen and related products can be assumed that there are elements similar in composition tarry.