oil refining

Crude oil has impurities such as water, sand, bitumen and gases are methane and ethane. For separating solids from crude oil is stored in large tanks. The oil storage tanks, solids and gases in crude oil settled out. Following the procedure, the water in the crude oil is separated by centrifugation. In addition to solid impurities and the gas that comes with crude oil, crude oil, some salt in the salt can be washed with lukewarm water. This product will be sent by pipeline to refineries or ports to be exported.

The refinery processes crude oil carried on include:

Various distillation methods, the methods of physical and chemical transformation of materials and methods of purification and separation of crude oil. As a result of the complex from different units of production, purification and transformation will be material. The first free practice before the crude oil refining of crude oil from the water. One method for separating water from crude oil using a centrifuge, Dkantasyvn or use of an electric field can be used.

Light cutting oil refining or natural gases are gases that have the hydrogen sulfur and carbon dioxide gases from the refinery. For the treatment of light cutting oil used three methods: Girbotol approach, method and technique Alkazid and Fluorine salont. In Girbotol of Mono Ethanol Amine, Diethanol Amine and triethanolamine as H2S and CO2 absorbents are used. In Alkazid of dimethyl amino potassium acetate and propylene carbonate Fluorine salont method is used as absorbent.