How is fire proof insulation made?

Bitumen is a fire-proof insulation fire proof. Thermoplastic elastomer-modified bitumen fire retardant mixture of bitumen, filler, a Brvmynh diphenyl ether, antimony oxide and zinc borate. Waterproofing fire in the preparation of a layer of polyester or fiberglass is impregnated with it.

It is better to use at least two layers of the surface layer of fiberglass and polyester substrate, and both layers are soaked in bitumen fire. Bitumen fire formula acceptable to it has been suggested that about 30 to 90 weight percent bitumen, styrene-Bvtady N-styrene copolymer 4 to 16 percent, about 10 to 40% filler and up to 20 percent Brvmynh diphenyl ether, antimony oxide and on the bill. Brvmynh diphenyl ether diphenyl ether is suggested Di Kabrvmv. It should be noted that the number of Brvmynh diphenyl ethers are not allowed to use because of toxicity.