What is ultraviolet radiation impact on the effectiveness of bitumen?

Bitumen in the environment is comfortable with aging. Bitumen aging due to UV radiation and temperature are two different types of aging. Aging alters the efficiency of the pitch. Research has shown that sensitivity to temperature and UV pitch is different. And some penetration, softening point and tensile Bitumen bitumen-old Pyrshdh the effect of ultraviolet radiation on thermal effects is different. And destruction of properties of bitumen at lower temperatures related to the effects of ultraviolet radiation. There is aromatic resin and the bitumen is necessary to create anti-UV.

bitumen chemical

The process of aging with UV
RTFO an oven is used for thermal aging. Bitumen at a temperature of 73 ° C for 9 hours have been exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Physical features original and old bitumen in the table below. As you can see the degree of penetration and reduced the amount of traction, if the softening point is increased.

bitumen chemical1

The relationship between aging UV and chemical composition of bitumen
To search for physical and rheological changes caused by UV bitumen chemical composition was examined three types of bitumen base.
Related aging is a complex series of reactions between compounds pitch is two-way. The desire to transfer bitumen compounds occur as follows: aromatics are converted to resin and asphaltene resins are converted at the same time. As a result of asphaltene reaction is aging. Thus, by measuring the change can be aging asphaltene bitumen to be evaluated.

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