The dissolution of bitumen in oil derivatives

Bayndrhay dissolution of bitumen in oil derivatives One reason for damage to asphalt used on runways, fuel stations, many parking lots and industrial plants and places where there is the possibility of fuel leakage.

Pvaemant and bitumen

It is clear that the mechanical performance and resistance and poor condition asphalt pavement bitumen used to depend heavily on chemical composition and origin. In particular, the dissolution of bitumen in oil derivatives has restricted the use of the substance in the manufacture of asphalt. In places where leakage of oil derivatives occur frequently or asphalt back there a long time derivative loss of adhesion between bitumen and mineral particles, and thus damaged asphalt overlay will be superficial or deep.

Older methods used to deal with this problem:

The way to deal with this problem in the past was used in airports use concrete coatings resistant to oil derivatives. However, even using concrete instead of asphalt at the airport because of the high cost is not economical.

The modified bitumen properties using polymeric materials that have gone on. This means that by using appropriate modifiers to improve the properties of bitumen and reduce its dissolution in oil derivatives.