How do you measure the density of bitumen?

The definition of specific gravity than the weight of a certain volume of bitumen in the bitumen by weight of water Hmhjm defined in the specified temperature.

Tools needed: pycnometer and Balance

Pycnometer first cleaned and then we weight. As molten bitumen is poured into the pycnometer and wait reaffirm the air bubbles out. Then we pycnometer containing bitumen weight and the weight of empty pycnometer and fill, to determine the value of our bitumen weight. Water also do the same steps and water weight gain.

Specific gravity bitumen is achieved by the following equation:

Bitumen specific gravity = X / Y

X Weight of pycnometer filled with tar and no air bubbles weight minus the empty pycnometer

Y Weight pycnometer with water minus the weight of the empty pycnometer

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