The effects of increased temperature on the bitumen

If asphalt / bitumen to be kept in proper condition and storage capacity will be maintained without loss of properties at high temperature and heat can have a negative effect on its properties; but if too heated bitumen and when the temperature is high or placed in the vicinity of the oxygen it would be have a negative effect on the properties of the material. One of the properties of bitumen that can be kept in bad conditions changed is the degree of difficulty or consistency of tar.

bitumen fire

The effects of excessive temperature storage and transportation of bitumen

One of the most important risks in connection with the production, transport and storage bitumen may be excessive rise in temperature.

Sometimes it may be carrying or storage tanks bitumen explosions occur due to excessive temperature. This could be for two reasons. The first is that the bitumen on the floor or wall H2S gas tank reacts with iron oxide. Pyrophoric production of iron oxide (pyrophoric iron oxide), which can be easily reacts with oxygen and ignite. Second, if the amount of oxygen inside the tank of a sudden increase in coke on the walls and floor tanks that fire is deposited over time.

Another effect of temperature increase toxic emissions. As you know bitumen mixture of different hydrocarbons with different boiling points. Usually at a temperature of 150 ° C is removed and the fumes of bitumen per 10 to 12 ° C increase in temperature of the vapors 2 times. Rising steam from the heating tar containing light hydrocarbons and small amounts of H2S is. Since H2S vapors fatal even in small amounts Care must be taken that the temperatures of the vapors in storage tank bitumen not retained.