The degree of combustion of bitumen:

Given that pure bitumen, tar and their mixtures are flammable at high temperatures, and work with them because dangerous flammability test method for flash point and burning of the bitumen is therefore set.

 Flahs point cup for test

Test method Flash Point:

If the solid or semi-solid bitumen is heated it to 176 ° C and melt.

After placing the container on the device and mount the temperature of the heater is set at 16.7 ° C per minute until the bitumen is heated.

When the temperature reached 56 ° C bitumen to quickly warm up to 5 ° C per minute down.

All three degrees Celsius once the flame to pass on the asphalt bitumen So when passing the flame from the surface of a second.

The action heats up enough to keep up with the passing of the flame on the pitch at one point of the bitumen flame appears.

Bitumen flash point is the temperature where the flame appears. (The flame appears and disappears like a quick flash of a camera)

If we continue heating operation of the flash (Flash Point) to reach the point of burning.

safety tips:

This test should be done under the hood of the device, especially if you use Flash Point Open.

flash point Bitumen