What is CEN standards to assess the bitumen profile?

In mid-1980 the European Committee for Standardization (Comité Européen de Normalisation CEN) in order to facilitate the export of petroleum products between the EU Europe on the agenda was the creation of a harmonized standard. The first step in this way, guide release products (construction product directive) CPD in December 1988. CPD focuses on the areas of structured products that are used in accordance with their application and must answer the following essential criteria:

* Stability and mechanical strength
* Satisfactory properties at fire-fighting
* Environmental regulations, health
* Satisfaction when using
* Protection against pollution
* Heat preservation, energy and economy

It needs to be standard when writing up Europe (European Standards ENs) can be considered. ENs to the CEN Technical Committee CEN resulting task of preparing and working groups (WGs) were deposited. CEN working group worked on the asphalt road and thus Grid Standard BS EN 12591: 2000 was published. This standard is based on traditional test that was used in conjunction with bitumen. This standard includes tests that all members should be doing and there is also a series of optional tests.