Add gold to improve the properties of bitumen

Packaged in order to access the desired properties are corrected. (Polymer modified bitumen)

One of the polymers that can be used to improve the properties of asphalt is ELVAX resins. If the resin to 5 percent use dramatically improves the properties of bitumen. If the amount exceeds 5% ELVAX resins used new materials with desirable thermoplastic properties can be obtained.

The use of polymers to modify the properties of bitumen has the following advantages:

Increase flexibility and strength
Improve impact resistance and enhanced adhesion
Low-temperature corrosion resistance
Resistance to deformation at high temperatures
Another method used to improve the properties of bitumen at high temperatures is blowing air into bitumen, bitumen blowing air into it at high temperatures although increases efficiency but reduces the efficiency of this substance at the bottom. In addition to improving efficiency in the use of ELVAX resins at high temperature, low temperature performance is maintained.