National Fire Protection Association

Fire Prevention Association is a global organization that is based in 1896 and aims to eliminate deaths, injuries and damage caused by fire, electricity and related risks. The association information and knowledge through more than 300 standard code, research, education, outreach and support and partnering with organizations interested in obtaining.

NFPA With more than 65,000 members worldwide, is one of the pioneers of fire prevention.

Suitable for bitumen and asphalt industry standards defined by the association include:
Two of standards developed by NFPA is suitable for use in the bitumen industry.

 NFPA30: flammable and combustible liquids

The standards for risk control and prevention of fire and explosions when flammable liquid storage containers, tanks and transfer via pipelines and facilities used during the process is appropriate.

NFPA 385: Standard for the tanks for flammable liquids

The standards for the design and construction of tanks used to transport flammable liquids are used, especially bitumen.