Risks in the production of bitumen

One of the major issues in bitumen production units safety rules, especially those that can cause the fire to prevent it. Because in this thermal units, flammable materials and oxygen, which can easily lead to job creation in the unit.

Also people who are working in the unit must bear in mind the following:

Leakage of flammable gas or liquid, before setting up units to produce bitumen must be checked for leakage from fittings and flanges. For gas leaks or liquid environments can cause a fire.

Creating additional pressure in the pipes and heat exchangers can cause a fire. This extra pressure can not control the heating device to be created. The heat source should be discontinued in cases where it is not needed. In addition to the heat pump hot liquid into the converter that its output is closed can also increase the pressure.

Another part where there is the possibility of explosive waste incinerators system. So before turning on the system must be gathered by steam exiting gases in the system and then proceed to turn on the furnace.