Profile oxide modified bitumen What is 75/25?

Oxide modified bitumen 75/25 , a product made by special non-oxidation process by amending the baton vacuum at 230 ° C and a penetration index is obtained.

This product is used in industry and in solid form at room temperature and adhesion properties than conventional oxidized bitumen waterproofing and more.

In the table below you can see the profile of bitumen oxide modified:

Heating the bitumen in the package is one of the important factors in the ultimate use of bitumen. Consultants packaging materials inside and outside of the boilers are hot workshop. The warm phase control of health, safety and product quality is very important. The maximum safe temperature for heating bitumen temperature of 230 ° C.the bitumen is more points.

Another point of bitumen, the tar melted on heating boiler should be kept cold, because heating has great potential to create pitch again this point is warming too.

In the case of using temperature measuring equipment have to be very careful, because of the bitumen thermal insulation thermometers at any distance from the heat source will show a different temperature.