Softening point of bitumen, test method

Softening point the loop gain based on gas. Softening point is the temperature at which tar in soft loop and pass the ball through the hoop.

softening point test

Test method to determine the softening point of bitumen based on ASTM-D36:

softening point ring

  • Brass ring device filled with molten bitumen and bitumen wait until cool.
  • Add bitumen to clean around the ring.
  • Put the ring on base.
  • Put the device in a container of distilled water so that 5 cm of water above the ring.
  • Shot put the device in the center of the ring and tangent to the pitch.
  • Temperature thermometer placed in the container and the number of photos to remember.
  • Make sure you have water temperature is 5 degrees Celsius.
  • Set put on the heater and the heating operation so that the speed of the rise in temperature is 5 degrees per minute.
  • Heating operation will continue until the ball passes the ring.
  • Upon reaching the base gas temperature, you remember exactly.
  • Read temperature in degrees Celsius is indicative of a soft spot.

softening point

Note: In case of blown bitumen and hard Glycerin is used instead of water.
ASTM standards for testing softening point is stirring in the bathroom while and BS standards IP bath is a great mixer. As a result of softening point difference is determined by which usually results in a 1.5 ° C ASTM and BS is higher than that of IP.
Common error in testing softening point is:
Heating speed and accuracy in measured temperature.
For example, the heating rate from 4/5 to 5/5 the difference of 1.6 ° C in softening point measured according to the IP58 standard.