Stretch property bitumen

Stretch property bitumen (Ductility) to the length of a sample of bitumen (in cm) it is said that the standard form drawn and elongated to reach the point of interruption. Bitumen is appropriate traction properties against temperature changes will expand and contract. Stretch properties depend on the degree of difficulty bitumen and tar that it is low stretch properties will be hard and brittle. If you have a good stretch properties of bitumen and asphalt is rarely consumed in the cold winter season will be on the left.

Test method elasticity properties of bitumen:


  • Prepare molding machines.



  • Bitumen melt and pour into molds.
  • Allow the bitumen to reach ambient temperature.
  • By spatula appropriate additional bitumen remove from the mold.











  • For 1.5 hours in the form of hot water bath temperature device.

Ductility Ratio

  • The sample attached to the device and then release the screw of molding machines.

Note: Throughout the experiment temperature is 25 degrees Celsius unless required tests to be performed at temperatures of 15 ° C.