What is the specific gravity of bitumen?

Various petroleum products with specific gravity different pitch. Materials that have a lower specific gravity are lower boiling point thus one of the first applications of this parameter has been using it for the distillation of crude oil.is considered as one of the important parameters to measure the quality and quantity of petroleum products. The specific gravity of applications including petroleum products are as follows:

A) estimate the cost of transporting petroleum products by measuring the weight and volume of products.

B) to detect the presence of contaminants in petroleum products.

C) a quick way to control and determine the type of products when entering or exiting the storage tanks.

D) determining the value of crude oil.

As mentioned above density with properties like size, weight and density are related petroleum products.

What is Specific Gravity?

By weight relative to the weight of water equal volume of petroleum products is obtained at 60 ° F and S are shown.

What is Baume Gravity (Heavy) Degree?

Obtained using the following formula where M is a fixed number, this number is fixed at 145 Barber American scale. Specific gravity at 60 ° F is S products.

Baume Gravity Heavy Degree bitumen

What is A.P.I. Gravity?

These parameters are used in the oil industry and crude oil is one of the parameters evaluated. The unit is correlated with specific gravity is calculated by the following formula:

A.P.I bitumen